Gentle pointers from 2D worlds to a happy path

By Maple.(Cyakapon)

Like colourful candy drops falling from the sky, anime can speak to us in a uniquely unmediated way. The colours, the sound, the movement, the intensity of a moment frozen amidst so much movement, can find their way into our hearts without authority or pretense. The words spoken or the story unfolded may act as a sincere and friendly guide for our own lives.

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The sea is the womb of the Universe- a Children of the Sea review


There are times that as fans of a manga we know that its aesthetics and its plot turns and curves aren’t easy to translate into animation- taking in account budget, sales and all. This was the case with Children of the Sea; out of some sort of a miracle, the 5-volumes manga by Daisuki Igarashi got adapted into a 2hrs stunning film in 2019 by studio4C.

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Tamayura, Shutter Love and Photography

Photography changes everything. What printing was for the letters, photography became for the visual corpus of the world – in the sciences, in exploration, investigation, the arts and the list goes on. But changes don’t only work in the large scheme of things. Once an innovation finds the means to become widely available, its influence sips into the nooks and cracks of the everyday life of the beholder.


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Violet Evergarden & the art of writing a letter

r11202-1 [更新済み]

Violet Evergarden, the 2018 series, focuses on war trauma, PTSD, and the journey of Violet into becoming functioning in society. This also meant her development into her own person and getting in touch with her feelings through her work as a typewriter.

The OVA special and the side story film turn the attention to the letters themselves, and the process of writing. Although, at first, their themes might seem of less importance, they can be quite powerful and with a more universal appeal.

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A new start

By mekarauroku6

Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you.

Jonathan Stroud, The Creeping Shadow

It’s been five years since the last time I dedicated any serious time to blogging but here I am again, turning a new leaf.

Oh but where are my manners? Want some Earl Grey, Jasmine or Licorise-anise tea? Or you’d rather have some chai or matcha? Milk, sugar, honey?

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