The Unbearable Lightness of Preaching About Suicide And Depression

Internal reaction EVERY TIME suicide is explored in anime

Suicide is an act that, one way or another, is heavily charged emotionally, to the point that until recently people were using the word “commit” to accompany it rather than “die by”. You know, like saying “commit a crime”. Since anime is art, and art reflects and is inspired by life, it was unavoidable that at some point this hot potato would tumble from our screens and burn us. There have been several attempts so far to address this topic, but almost all of them are superficial, condescending, manipulative and sensational. Granted how this act is entangled with morality, religion and the fabric of society, this isn’t really a surprise, but it doesn’t get a free pass either.

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Seeking Answers from Death- a Summer Ghost review

Title: Summer Ghost (2021)
Duration: 40 mins
Director: laundraw
Screenplay: Otsuichi
Music: Akira Kosemura, Guiano, Hideya Kojima, Itoko Toma

Partly, we grasp reality through comprehending and experiencing opposites. In laundraw’s directorial debut life and death -the ultimate opposites- are in its epicenter: three teens search a ghost in hopes of navigating their personal circumstances. Short and poignant, Summer Ghost is a film that will stay with you.

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Diving Into The Mysterious- Notes on Children of the Sea

Children of the Sea holds a special place in my heart but as it is relatively niche, it’s rarely discussed. Back in the 2010s, the golden era of aniblogging, before anime analysis got dispersed in YouTube, other social media and big for profit platforms, the interaction between the content creator and the commenters was more meaningful, allowing for exchange of ideas and viewpoints, furthering the discourse. Therefore, when I came across the perspectives of fellow anime fans, @fathomlessblue and @AJtheFourth, I was more than elated, because going back to something you love to reexamine details, challenges your mind and gives birth to new facets of appreciation. Here I reconstruct their opinions, argue against certain misconceptions and elaborate on the finer details of this masterpiece.

If you had questions about the film, this post has the answers.

WARNING FOR SPOILERS for both the anime and the manga.

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